Health & Safety Statement

Health & Safety was the first thing we considered on every level of the operations & planning stage of this new enterprise, and it remains top of the agenda and will remain to do so. Early on we recognised that we are in a privileged position; having a large venue & kitchen space, which would allow us to operate with separate work stations & ensure social distancing.


Steps to securing our staff & customers safety:

  • Redesigned our kitchen layout so that each Chef has their own work station.
  • Our staff have been re-trained on new hygiene & safety protocols


 Kitchen Team:

  • Wear gloves & masks & hair caps at all time, gloves are changed every 15-30 mins 
  • Use eye-protection when working with one another. 
  • All chefs & kitchen uniforms are washed daily at a temperature of 60°C 
  • Placement of 6 new hospital grade hand sanitiser units, with 75% alcohol solution at every work station and kitchen entry points.  
  • All surfaces are cleaned on a scheduled rota with UB20 sanitising spray, effective against MRSA,& E-Coli.


Order Team:

  • Our Order Team operate their own sections maintaining Social distancing
  • Orders are fulfilled & packaged in a sterile setting in our kitchen.
  • Order Team, wear gloves and masks at all times, and are required to use sanitising gel between each wrapping.


Delivery Team

  • Our delivery drivers wear gloves, & masks at all times and are changed after each delivery. 
  • We also offer a contactless delivery, where we notify you that your food has arrived & return to the car and wait for you to pick up your delivery
  • As a Health & Safety precaution & rule, our staff can not accept tips handed to them. 



  • The packaging was also designed with consideration of our customers in mind, they are packed in a sterile setting in our kitchens, with an environmentally conscious solution. 


At every level we are confident we have taken the correct measures to ensure the safety of our staff, & customers.  We are committed to updating these protocols as needed & are committed to exceeding best practice requirements throughout this time.  All standards & practices we are working with are also done in full-consultation with our professional HAACP advisor. 


We take the responsibility of what we are undertaking here very seriously, protecting staff & our customers is considered first & foremost in everything we do.